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Recent erotic films like Fifty Shades of Grey have stimulated lovers all over the UK, including mature men and women. Single oldies have started looking for friendship and lovers online. Our user numbers have gone through the roof! They are finding local dates with elderly singles very quickly.

Despite their advancing years our members still enjoy a romp more than once a month. If you would like to find a date and hot things up under the sheets you can meet a friend here today. Pensioners say continuing to have a good sex life helps keep the flame burning, although almost half of them say simply being in love is enough.

Lovers who are Older

Experts say that 21% of oap males are getting frisky more than once a week with 19% of OAP women also enjoy sex more than once a week.This signifies that the menopause doesn't affect their sex-life.

Love Making Improves Your Brain Functions

In older people, there is certainly a link between increased sexual activity and cognitive function. Some scientists have proven that sex delays dementia. Studies have shown that older people who have more sex have:

  • Better memories
  • Improved visual awareness
  • Higher language skills
  • Increased spatial and visual awareness
  • Better verbal fluency

Improved brain function could helped by sex hormones (dopamine and oxytocin) which help improve cognitive function. Health care specialists now promote the maintenance of a healthy sex life for older people.

Find Love in Your Sixties, Seventies or Eighties

Older Lovers Make Better Lovers

We all know that Oldies still enjoy dating, romance and sexy time. Getting old does not mean you have to put your sexual desires on hold. In fact when you are older, dating can be even more fun because your older lovers are more considerate and experienced. They also have reduced inhibitions. Libido and performance can be affected certain health issues but there are lots of natural ways to help.

Older Lovers Dating

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